Tuesday, May 30

I woke up at 6 am and immediately went back to sleep and then at 9:20 am decided to get up. I heard Tara moving about, she did some of my laundry. And I will be leaving a couple of tunics behind that I am extremely tired of.  We went to the Waitrose supermarket after having a breakfast coffee to pick up some things since A) it is fun to go to foreign grocery stores and B) Tara doesn't keep a lot of food around. or at least breakfast type food. We bought sourdough bread, I picked up a softer cheese. BTW I absolutely love the Welsh cheese Caerphilly. Greek yogurt, blueberries that are the size of my thumbnail, Yorkshire tea made for hard water that I'm taking home and museli that I've grown to love eating in the mornings here.

We ran into Wendy (Tara's mother in law) when we got home as she lives two houses down from Tara and she was able to have a quick cup of coffee. She is on her way tomorrow to the south of Spain. I took the time to take some photos of her place. She's done everything herself from totally gutting her bathroom and laying all the tilework from floor to subway tiles, painting, etc. She only had the plasterer do what she needed in that regard.

The bathroom is simple, tasteful, the kind of look I would like especially in my upstairs bathroom that is much too masculine in appearance with the beigeness and grayness of it. I think if I could change the floor and paint and ideally, put in a large walled shower or free standing tub it would be better. I've always liked the black and white style floor. Her wood floors have a dark stain on them which is dramatic. The kitchen is tiny and she has plans to build an extension in the back of the house and change the current space to a laundry room.

One image of part of her living room with the dark floors. She has a massive TV that is a smart television so she can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming videos. I do love her garden - there is nothing to show the scale of these poppies but they are gigantic.

It's a nice relaxing day today, quiet and calm. A nice transition for me from the faster pace of intense art making and will help me adjust for my return home. I do miss my kitties and Liz says they have been crying for me at night. She explained to them how many more nights I would be gone but she doesn't think they understand math.


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