British cats versus American cats

Cat on a leash on Denbigh Road, West Ealing
This is a facsimile cat but similar to the one I saw. When Dionysus was young, about six months, I got him a harness leash that he did pretty well with and I woud take him around the carriage house at Greystone Hall for walks. Then I got him a birthday jacket, black with neon spots that a leash could be attached to. I guess it was kind of like those thunder jackets for dogs that make them immediately calm. Dionysus laid on the ground and decided he couldn't walk. He scooted on his belly but there was no way he could move. I tried just the harness but the damage was done. He was convinced he could no longer walk with something near his legs and that was the end of the leash experience.

The cat who couldn't walk with a leash.


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