Friday and worn out in a good way

I broke my official walking record for the year - 7 miles - whoo hooo - 10 floors (another record) and 16,754 steps. Had to ask how to run the shower - they are all different. I'm at the Glanrynys Farm which has their own website. Caroline, the sculptor's wife, picked me up at the train station and brought me to the farm - it would have been a long taxi ride - well, about 8 or 9 miles.

What I saw on my 5 mile circular walk from Glanrynus Fferm, past the art studio, past the White Hart pub, beyond the Prince of Wales pub and the Abadam Arms pub.

I passed a cow who licked my hand then all of the other cows who had been lying down, started getting up one by one and sniffing my hand.

Next  were the sheep and lambs; I also saw horses but they were camera shy. There is a dog at the farm, like a sheepdog. I met a tiger striped cat who followed me in the house but since I didn't know if it was allowed in the house, I had it leave.

Eluned and Mark raise dairy cattle and since it is spring, lots of calves at all stages of development since calving occurs from December through May.

My room is the best yet, well, the one in Devon at the Old Home Cottage had amazing ambience and a lovely soaking tub. The view from my room is fields and fields of green and I have to only walk a short way to see cows and sheep and lambs. The teenage cows are very friendly. I was talking to one behind a fence, the others were lying down, and he sniffed me and gave my hand a good lick with his long black tongue. He had a beautiful butterscotch color and was named Sebastian. All the cows have yellow stickers on their ears (stapled on I think) so I assume that was his name as another black and white cow had the name Dolphin.

My Internet doesn't seem to work from my bed and I'm in the hallway upstairs (I always seem to get the 3rd floor) but the bathroom is en suite. so more later as I'm pretty exhausted from my walk - there will be plenty to say with the first part of my bronze casting. I'm one of three, Quentin and Kate, both British.


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