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Pigment Web Site

For all the pigments we discussed in the Alchemy of Pigment workshop, I found a wonderful web site that has all the colors from minim to lapis lazuli to Egyptian blue to orpiment.

Egyptian blue pigment from Natural Pigment website. Egyptian Blue is a copper calcium silicate that was the first synthetic pigment and the most extensively used from the early dynasties in Egypt until the end of the Roman period in Europe.

Next is orpiment pigment powder from Natural Pigments .Orpiment is yellow arsenic sulfide, a rare mineral usually described as a lemon or canary yellow or sometimes as a golden or brownish yellow. Our orpiment is an intensely bright pigment of crystalline particles from Kyrgyzstan.

Warm cinnabar pigment from Natural Pigments
prepared from ore deposits near Nikitovka in the Doneckaia region of Ukraine. It exhibits a beautiful masstone color of strong red with a tendency toward reddish orange.

Minium pigment fr…