Art and life in England and Wales

Today, I leave Philadelphia for London Heathrow on American Airlines. First stop for three nights (starting tomorrow on May 11) I will be staying at a B&B in Ealing - I have directions so I can immediately take off for some of my favorite museums. Packing light - a new carry on called Blue Tooth where supposedly you can get four charges on a USB, can automatically tell you how heavy your bag is and can locate your bag. Of course, this requires the technology of putting the App on my phone which incidentally, on Consumer Cellular, doesn't work outside the U.S. Will see about getting a cheapie phone to use while in the UK. Ealing, East Sussex, Salisbury, Devon, Gloucester, Wales, Bedford (close to London).

Packing list; Two pairs of jeans and one pair of leggings. Black and navy color scheme. A big apron to do my art in. Hiking books so as not to lose a toe while bronze casting, Sketcher sandals for bathroom visits, baggies for stashing left overs, fish eye and macro lenses for my iPhone to take photos with, meds, books to read and then discard to lighten my luggage, medium backpack to stash immediately needed items with a small AARP over the shoulder bag for daily use plus lightweight AITNER computer bag for daily use. And the so useful travel underwear that dries in half an hour. Always the temptation to bring more but most essential are my wrist splints.


  1. Arrived in London Heathrow around 9:30 am but didn't get to my final destination until close to noon. Was planning on walking around after I checked in but after a hot shower, the idea of sleep sounded better. And yes, I forgot some important things like the adapter for a two prong to a three prong. Have part of my international adapter. No phone charger for the iPhone but will get one tomorrow when I check about getting a British SIM card for it. Too tired to think earlier today. I'm staying in West Ealing - kind of suburb of main London. Quiet. Knocked on the door of two wrong houses before I got the right one. And of course, I'm up on the third floor and worse - the shared bathroom - is down a flight. Lucky me! I call my room the garrett room, tiny but clean. Woke up at 6:30 pm London time and went out foraging for food. Was going to eat somewhere in but saw the sign for a supermarket and headed there for a sandwich and got scones for 99 p which I can eat for snacks. Tomorrow fruit and some veggies. Bought a rice noodle chicken dish but has to be microwaved and I forgot that the kitchen closes at 11 am. We do get a pretty good self serve breakfast though and there is lots of tea and coffee in my room along with a hot pot. Three nights here about 135 English pounds.

    Liz, you were right - so happy I brought those leggings. But sorry I was so spazzy forgetting essential stuff like my charger for phone and adapter and blue tooth charger for my fancy luggage. I have 94% charge on my laptop so will last for a while till I can get the necessary items. I have its charger but not the other part I need. And of course, need the phone charger since I will be using it as a camera with those little lenses that fit over the phone lens (fisheye and macro).

    As I walked, I was very glad about bringing the hiking boots as I will be hoofing it all over the next couple of days. Saw a man walking a Ginger cat on a leash as I made my way down to the supermarket. Not like Dionysus who decided that his legs were paralyzed when I used a leash on him and he scooted on his belly. Don't hesitate to call the phone links if it gets hot, Bruce will come over and put in the air conditioners downstairs so you don't boil in the heat. Weather is great 50s low 60s.

    Had a little panic attack after watching the second movie when I got through with the bathroom but nice airline attendants brought me ginger ale, water crackers and cheese. Well, I was shaky and I think because of th movie Split I was a title anxious. On an aisle seat (yay) and they fed us OK food. Didn't bring water around like they usually do.

    Anxious to have something colorful to post tomorrow. I miss everyone but this is a good way to keep in touch and my adventures should get more interesting. Will bring my water colors along to do an impromptu sketch. I have to small watercolor pads with me and my antique Winsor Newton Girl Scout water colors and some essential brushes.

    So signing off for now.

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