Tuesday - en route to Gloucester for 3 nights

Top image: lapis lazuli, ground, made into watercolor with gum arabic, a bit of honey and tiny amount of water then panned.
Lower image: a rainbow of panned watercolors of yellow ochre, red ochre, terre verte unheated and heated to make a darker green, malachite (the paler green), azurite (a beautiful blue), soot black and bone black, plus chalk white.

After a brilliant breakfast of home made fruit compote of figs and raisins and flavored with cinnamon stick and orange peel, yogurt, my rolls and coffee - I gathered my things and had my host call for a taxi. Tariff to the station was only 12.10 pounds. Didn't have to wait long for the next train - to Dundee but I get off at Bristol Parkway, change trains for Gloucester. This train is 2 hours so I purchased internet access and with the help of the train ticket checker, he loaned me his phone so I could get the Access code since my phone doesn't work here and I couldn't check my email without Internet access. So that sorted, I still can't use Paypal to pay the rest of my bill for the Artisan Bakery since  PayPal doesn't recognize the Internet and I can't check it. My Consumer Cellular phone connection is a drawback - the rates are much cheaper but can't use it overseas. The 60 pounds I paid to unlock it here in London is useless. Same thing happened in Spain three years ago.

Just got an email from Daniel with our two color wheels from Lily's class that he promised. I'm excited about doing a great sacred geometry painting using my Daniel assisted design! And Merle, I was at the Dartmoor Zoo yesterday and saw a couple of reindeer and thought of you because of your business card. I have to say again that I really loved my course mates for the Alchemy of Pigments. It was satisfying to come up with all those pigments and Ive gotten positive feedback from my artist friends. Have always wanted to paint with lapis lazuli derived pigment though I'm pretty excited about the azurite since it turned out such a pretty blue.

Cochineal purple - it's organic so smells a bit


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