Sparkwell, Devon, England on Sunday

The Treby Arms: "A delightfully rustic Michelin Starred country pub which holds a hidden secret. An exquisite freshly prepared menu designed to tempt and delight anyone looking for fantastic food. Whether it’s an intimate meal for two or a family friendly evening meal there’s something for everyone to enjoy. "The Treby Arms was voted County Dining Pub of the Year 2017 (gastropub). 

 The interior of the Treby Arms pub. I sat at the small table in back right in front of the bookcase. At the bar were two guys drinking beer. As soon as I saw the tasting menu for 70 pounds, I figured I was in a very high class place despite its plebian atmosphere. I was given the choice to eat upstairs in the dining room or downstairs in the bar area - choose the cosy bar. While I was tempted to try the tasting menu, reason ruled because there is no way I could eat all that food and secondly, there was no way I should spend $90 or so on a meal even if it was a Michelin winning gastropub.

A truly inspiring and fabulous item is Owen's sourdough bread with butter and marmite butter. Now, I have never been a fan of Marmite or Vegemite a close relation of it. What is it? Marmite is "an English paste made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing. The British version of the product is a sticky, dark brown food paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty." Mixed with sweet country butter (all the cows here look happy) it is a taste treat especially with the sourdough rye bread as you can see on the left. I couldn't finish my bar "snacks" meal of braised beef pie (the topping was a mash (mashed potatoes). It wasn't a large portion but it was dense and meaty (don't read this if you are a vegetarian). I also had a Scotch egg but the gourmet version and had I not ordered that, I might have been closer to finishing my main dish. Known for their famous sourdough, I ended up ordering it and loving it best. I made sure to take the half unfinished loaf with me, it wss that good.

After tonight, I'm going back to my Spartan eating which I did well with during my stay at Emerson College.I'll keep up with the walking. I logged nearly 13,000 steps today - about five miles.

I shuffled back to the B & B and my room, happy to  have WiFi in my room - I'm in the garden room, there is a Tulip room elsewhere in the B & B. Coffee and tea in my room but of course, not made with such care as Daniel made last week. I loved the heart shape in the milk foam he always gave me.  What a sweetheart. Now don't be jealous Bruce, I mean in a totally Platonic and Sacred Geometric way!! My room is ensuite with a perfect bathtub fitted out with lavender shampoo, conditioner and bath foam/gel. Had a nice relaxing soak so have to finish this before I drift off.

A preview of tomorrow's baking lesson with Penny Williams at the Artisan Bakery. And for now, sweet dreams!

Below is the Gardner's room where I am staying. While the Brits don't believe in separate top sheets, their beds and pillows are far superior to American ones. This B & B is a 200 year old cottage.


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