Sunday, Mother's Day in the U.S.

Moher's Day is next week apparently in Britain. But for today, as an American, I want to wish all the mothers that I know, new and old, a very Happy Mother's Day. For Dayna's first Mother's Day is today, and there are my sisters, Cookie and Liz, my many nieces and cousins: Kelly,  Kate, Tiffany, Laurie, Aja's mom, Brinlee's Mom, Belinda Jardine and the lately departed Ginny Vierra Gamayo, Aunty June, Linda and Kathleen and Colleen Costa et al. And my friends and former students including Kristin Phillips, Kristine Repcsik, Maria Tesone, Virginia Taggart, Cate Wallace, Peggy, recent MFA graduate Jennifer,  and to all the mothers of furry children and to every teacher and professor including myself with our many many children, you are all very special.

An example of Rosa Osborne's work - Alice in Wonderland on lottery tickets. Lots of others like Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay, Madonna - Material Girl, John Lennon.

Today, I woke up early so as to get an early start on the mile walk to the station from my B&B. It wasn't that warm but the exertion of dragging my little suitcase and with a backpack on my back my head was sweating by the time I was halfway to the station. Took the District (green) line from Ealing Broadway to Victoria Station so no changes. If you have ever been on the tube or train, you already know about the tons fo steps that you must navigate although thankfully, there are often escalators as well. Still my hands are hurting from lifting the bag up and down stairs. Long tube ride with over a dozen stops, then off at Victoria and then navigating myself to the train station which is connected. More stairs. Train ticket to East Grinstead, but wait! It's Sunday so no direct train there. I have to get off in a place called Purley which is supposed to be 23 minutes away but it takes about 40. Then I am to get on a train replacement bus to my nearly final destination. I had the choice of an earlier train but with three changes or a somewhat later train with one stop. A 56 minute bus ride took about 1 1/2 hours so had to wait an hour for the next bus. Yes, could have taken a taxi but I'm cheap. I stopped in the local supermarket right by the train station for apples and a snack and waited it out for the 291 bus. When I finally get here (Forest Row) I have no idea where my hote is. I had wrongly figured that it was the only hotel out of three in town like all those north African places I've been such as Tunisia but no, a kind of bustling village. Finally asked a nice english man and he walked me part of the way down the street with multiple repetitions of how to get there I guess he could tell my eyes were glazing over and my feet kind of shuffling.

After all my missed sense of direction, I decided to get a cab for the morning because the clerk said that the college is in the midde of the forest and I felt like I could be lost in an instant. Dinner at the hotel where I was the only one besides a family of 10 celebrating the birthday of their very noisy and rambunctious three or four year old.

 OK, so this painting isn't current, it's one of the lost paintings I did in Cairo 2009. Just ran across it and intend to make a copy with my new paints. Will probably do it without the Bedouin portraits from the original which I painted on handmade rice straw paper made at an NGO papermaking studio there. The abstract painting is based on a rusty door that I saw on my travels as I was looking for inspiration for an art exhibition I had been invited to be in - the only American by the way. There was a newspaper article about me at the time. Even though the words are in Arabic, the pictures are in English as an Art Professor at CSULB used to tell us in my Drawing 1 class


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