Monday in Forest Row, Emerson College

First woke up at 5 am, fell back asleep and the next thing I know it's 8 am and the taxi is coming at 8:30. Shower or breakfast? If you know me, it's shower and it was. With my heart pounding and gathering up my things I checked out at 8:26 with the taxi pulling in at 8:28 am. And it was raining, so my initial plan of walking to the college through the woods, was after all, just a random thought thought; it would have been pretty. How to describe this place? Will have to take some photos It's kind of a hippy farm college is my best description or a former commune. My room wasn't ready so had to stash my bags in reception. I had a couple of scones left from my emergency food stash and the apples. I was worried yesterday that I would be too full to enjoy my cooked lunch that I ordered but with no English breakfast this morning, it will be very welcome no matter what it is. Not so solicitous at the hotel, I would have thought at least coffee would be available. Looking a bit bedraggled with clean hair that is still wet. No makeup but contact lenses in so ready for the alchemy of pigments and sacred geometry.

From what I understand, this place can be used to teach short courses which would be ideal for WCU art department, plenty of countryside. 185 pounds per week for room and breakfast so a little over $220 I guess. Lunch can be ordered for 9 pounds. The surroundings are beautiful, loads of trees, stacks of hay, isolated but maybe 10 minutes from the village of Forest Row. BTW it cost 10 pounds to get here - a 6 minute ride.

Bucolic Emerson College surroundings, a great place for a watercolor class en plein air


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